Guided Muscle Relaxation

paired with a special blend of therapeutic touch, diaphragmatic breathing and lymph stimulation for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Guided Muscle Relaxation

Benefits of Muscle Relaxation

Our body's response to stress is to hold tension in our muscles.  Anxiety and other similar conditions can leave us feeling so tense that we become unable to recognize what it feels like to be relaxed.

Guided muscle relaxation (GMR) retrains our muscles and our brain to recognize tension and purposefully release it.

I've developed a unique therapy approach integrating GMR with a blend of:

 Therapeutic Self Soothing Touch - promotes relaxation, boost self-healing abilities physically, mentally, emotionally and gives a boost in the production of serotonin in your brain.  

Diaphragmic Breathing - (also called deep breathing) is a practice that enables more air flow into your body while eliminating toxins from your lungs and helps calm your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety.  

 Lymph Stimulation - a touch therapy that is added to your GMR session to promote overall bodily function and prepare your system for other physical therapies such as those performed by a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist.

When combined together the body is grounded, soothed and regulated during your workshop session. The thinking brain works better.  The effects of depression, anxiety and stress are relieved.  Blood pressure and fatigue are lowered, and it improves muscle function and increases the overall feeling of well-being.

Charlotte - Personal Development Consultant - Relaxation Therapist 

As a Personal Development Consultant, I help my clients achieve their personal and professional goals.  Would you like to be healthier, achieve better sleep, manage inflammation and pain, develop creative abilities, assist in finding purpose, be more confident and overcome various challenges associated with depression, PTSD and trauma?  As a PDCT I work with you as a whole person to help you achieve your future goals and recover from past emotional trauma.

I specialize in Guided Muscle Relaxation Therapy because it is the biggest most important step in achieving your goals and living your best life.  My style of therapy is structured - each workshop is set up similarly, yet flexible. All workshop sessions start with a grounding exercise followed by a unique blend of relaxing therapy.   

Let's talk about your goals.  What obstacles that are holding you back?   Let's set up an action plan that includes small achievable goals and long-term strategies for lifelong success. 

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"Out of the ashes beauty will rise" - Charlotte